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God came inside me like body my perfect size

31 October
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Holy Ghost Jesus came inside me like body my perfect size bob, beast rising out of the sea-vision received 7-14-2010-I saw hollie in vision spin like animated world and out of it rose pope.
Jesus persecutes to destroy christian in salvation-vision received 7-13-2010-in this vision I saw Jesus and he said something like, "I'm persecuting you to make you perish", and the LOrd told me something like on 7-14-2010, "I will betray my servants to make them perish, and it is to laugh and mock at their sufferings, for this is why I save". look, said, hollie, what does website, say, another, hollie, said, bob, look, hollie, said, it, to many hollies, she, said, and I showed, you uh picture, hollie, said, its, the pope, hollie, said, with, brown hair, let me rule the world, said, putin, pope, shakes, yes, hollie, shows, world, thats, many countries, exploding, its, nuclear n.a.t.o. said, hollie, russia burned, thats, hollie like, bear spinning world, america on fire, thats nuclear fires in venezuela and brazil, cuba explodes, nicaragua burns, thats, nuclear fire, in australia, missiles leave there and italy, but italy explodes, britain burns, but thats captain hollie in french and british submarines firing, on, russia, exploded, hollie, spun world, hey i'll place it, said, hollie, nuclear fires, in, mexico and latin america, along the coasts, hollie, said, see, said, hollie, hollie flew, in old world war one jet, it has jet engines, could hit speeds of over 500 miles per hour, hollie dropped bomb, america below exploded, hollie soared, plane changes into p-51 mustang, thats russia burning, hollie showed, turn, hollie showed, record, and I bam, said, hollie, beat, she, said, pope, she, said, arose,
dont read much, dying saved