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bob hickman

God came inside me like body my perfect size

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this is how God treats me, and you if you get saved, Jesus told me
bob hickman
visions-recieved 3-4-2007-I saw Jesus, and he pointed, and, said, abate, and then I saw me, and, i opened my mouth, and my teeth were almost gone, and Jesus laughed, God says, you been stripped, and I will make it, so you can not, live for me, and, I will, drive you out, because, I, want, you, abated, all day, when you leave, I will quit, if you come back, I will, do it all over again, I will, allow this, even when driven out, to, make, you hate, me, saith the LOrd, to, cause you, to loose you salvation, this is, persecution, that I spoke about, in, the, bible, saith the Lord, im, jelous, and, I want to, make, you abated, im jelous, because, you are numbe one, in peoples hearts, and, I want, them! to know, that you are, abated, all day, every day, for, years, saith the LOrd, now, perish, or, endure, until the end, says, Jesus, I make, you depressed, tease, mock, dont, pronounce, words, right, to, cause you, to, hate, me, saith the LOrd, gum desease, swells, instantly, and, painful, popps, out, teeth, chatter, this is,to make you, humble, in my eyes, saith the LOrd, I could put, sore boils on, you, and you would fast, until, death, or, spiritual, feeding, like, job, now, go, and, perish, or, endure, number one, saith the LOrd, God says, you gave me, your, last, youth, and, now, old, and single, and I laugh at you, because, you are not, attractive now, from, prayer, and I AM, casting, you out, all day, every, day, mocking, teasing, killing, hurting, your, heart, all the way, to, piercing, and that is, making, you, so angry, that you can not, think, straight, saith the Lord, this is, persecution, God says, what you did, was, put me, to an, open, shame, and I will, visit you for that, by posting, this, letter, and when people read, they wi!ll say, I dont blame him, and you say, in your heart, you will quit, and I will embarras you, and you wont take my gums, Ill go and have gum transplants, but, I will not, let, them, hold, unless you, take, medicine, and you will, but, I, will, not,recieve, you, and God, laughed, at, bobs calamity, he did nothing wrong, but I chose to make an example out of him, cause I could, until, he started, fighting, back, and, now, Im, ashamed, of, him cause, he told on me, and I will, not, be with him much longer, and I caused it, but, I will drive, bob, to the brink of sin before I back off, saith the LOrd, this might take, hours, but, this is, killing, all day, fool, said, Jesus, you should have, left, and I would have, stopped, but, you stayed, cause, you dont want to go to hell, but, how can you stay out, if, I, do this, all day, saith the LOrd, I cause, gum recession, angering, and, all this, not a plague, but, ---me-I keep feeling waves of electricity flowing across my dick, and! this is the Lord Jesus doing to to anger me, sometimes like going up it. this does anger me and God knows right when to do it to hurt me deep with in my heart..Jesus just pointed at me in fire, hell. looks unavoidable, doesnt it.---God says, Iwill make you to comit sin, then, reject, that is what, im doing, wanting to you to sin, to cause you, to, kill yourself, or, comit, sin, that is, killing, if you do, Ill reject you, no mercy, and im trying to make you, saith the LOrd, 3-5-2007-God, said, Im rubbing, your penus to make you quit, hours and hours to anger, this is killing all day, electric rubbing sensation, you will fall away from being offended, for hours, then I will heal you, then do it over again, and, hollie pointed, the LORd, is, flowing all over bobs dick, to offend, over 15 hours, now, that was Jesus, in room, bright, God, says, despair unto life, is what, Im doing unto bob, stripping his desire, to live for Jesus, he has none right now, paul told God you need to quit and God said, no, this keeps humble in my eyes, God said, I abate, for no reason, and, cant do it, forever, my servants top me, hollie showed played the organ, cause there aint no visions in penetecost, said the tap dancers, and hollie licked the prophet, you are mocking in your heart, abate said Jesus, you say if I, loose the LOrd, I have lost nothing, God, cant, bear, this, abate, and you laugh, and, say, cmon, but, I, will, not play, like a man, hollie pulled the ship, and, on the missile, write the vision said hollie, record, have mercy said hollie, Jesus, on bob, this is, mercy, says the LOrd, casting out, abating, to keep humble in my eyes, done said, Jesus, I, casted bob out, for two days, teasing, mocking, I, let electric impulses, masterbate him to, drive insane, and he, in his heart, called me satan, laughed, godam, mocked, and i, thought, I need to, quit, cause he will, make me, look like, a fool, on the, internet, and, already, has, just put your visions, on, the, internet, hollie and, the angel, licked, the, prophet, thats, the, vision, michael, gabriel, Jesus in the middle, firing judgments,explosions all over the world, your needed on the floor said Jesus, I needed you to keep humble,humble to me is, not, wanting, to live, for Jesus, and doing it anyway, thats why I stripped, you, now everybody that reads that page hates me, and you think, make them an offer and let them choose, which one, they like, best, sex and violence, and rock and roll or this, and you laugh, prophet said the paul mooney girl, will, you last said the woman, no, said, Jesus, if, it werent for my, needing somebody is what you say, bob, you know God is short handed and you have, said, to him, you willk, stop, watch, ill make, the laughing stock of the internet, and people, got you, said, JEsus, I can, torment, when you are, away, but, you, tough out, you are, planning in your heart, raking people to the website, knowing they will, read some of the picture page, you put picture on to make them familiar, thats the only reason, now God is hated by over 35 people, heres what, God, says, I can !not, let this, go on, you, in your heart, are, saying, cast me, out, Ill have fun again, Godknows it, now, God, needs, your approval, before he can do something, heres what God says, I, will, back off, I wanted, bob, to leave, and, mean it, but, he didnt, now, this page, exists, he threatened, I should have listened, he wont back off, and I know if, I cast him, out, he, will, at the very bery end, and I will, say, labor of love, saved, but, I want him, now, suffered, cast him out Lord is what they wanted, now your excuse is taken away, record, showed, hollie, you have an open door before, you, thats exalted, (God is casting me out right now, flowing on my dick-can yes mean no, an! > d up mean down when)you think, thank you Jesus, for all that bullshit, but, watch, your not going to get a wife, God knows, if, certain ones surfaced, you would not ask my permission, marry, sex, God gave me a vision of me praying in a straight jacket, I feel electricity flowing all over my dick, and God knows this hurts and angers and offends me, but, that is what hewants or he wouldnot continue to do these things. I keep getting told that Something like, " I want you to backslide for two months, so you will hate me, and not come back, this is offending, all day long, saith the LOrd, and I Am the Rock of offense, stay, and get, whipped, all day, for nothing, but, leave, and I will not let you come back, saith the LOrd". Awesome stuff aint it. I remember seeing the angel of the LOrd in visions and he asked me why I put this page up and I saw hollie sitting in her white robe and she told, "to embbarras Jesus for what he is doing and to make him stop". I know I want the Lord to stop playing, "prodding" me, and about embarrasing, well, All I will say is, if I were Jesus, I would not want this to be my report. Pray for me, cause I believe that your prayers will back off this _____ _________ _______ the LOrds response: God wants you to backslide to hide you, and you wont come back, saith the Lord, cause, the world is, fun, I dont need, you no more, saiththe LOrd.
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    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people

    10-31-2009-thats leave it alone, said, hollie, with, sandy wiping lips, it was simb, she said, hollie showed, record, thats hollie banging hand, bam, she, said, pope rose, laughs, like angel, of, light, appears, hollie showed, record, ate, and, I stamped, she, said, thats captain hollie, its ohio class, hollie said, fired, thats three, all with captain hollie, showering, china, with thermo-nukes, exploded, thats hu hintao on red horse, thats hollie riding missile, whats my, where am I going, said, hollie, stands, dances, on, nuclear rocket, said, Jesus, thats hollie stomping foot, from behind, I turned around, thats, hollie riding missile into taiwan, turns into two, exploded, thats hu hintao, turning red horse, lets about face, said, hintao, thats little war, going, on, china, attacking, washington state, then, hintao appears, with yeltsin, you lure, said, yeltsin, alright, ill do, it, said, hu, scene explodes, hollie appears happy, holding walls from caving in, heres why, its people stealin the God spoken ministry of dreams, no I didnt do that said, its politician, said, Jesus, doulgas j. heller, thats ron tompkins lying, placing ministry of dreams in old article, with, thats ron tompkins reading visions, its ronald tompkins, douglas heller defended ron tompkins all the way to that, said, Jesus, thats douglas heller, the commisioner in springfield, p.a., being sopenaed, questioned, but reporters, he, while being questioned, in, court, does tell truth, its bob I stole said douglas heller, leaves, thats hollie with two brass mountains, thats horses, running, in between, theres red, im its rider said hu hintao, im the beast said pontiff, on black, gimme said grim reporter on grizzled horse, its to destroy, said, Jesus, the conquerer, on white horse, looks up, that was looting, said, hollie, in, its u.s.a., american economic collapse, said, hollie, barack grunts at microphone, hollie showed, turn, again, lighted mouth, red body, hollie like silhouette, hollie showed, put something on livejournal, showed, turn, prophet this is warning, said, hollie, prophet this is website, post, said, hollie, and, Jesus, this is uh warning, said, hollie, just leave it alone, she, said, thats the pope riding the, black, horse, its into, russia, said, pontiff, exploded, thats him, signing, gaining control, thats medvedev, kneeling before pontiff, if you let me, medvedev, said, rule the world, pontiff shakes yes, alright, you need to record, said, hollie, theres uh submarine right there, said, hollie, showed, turn, hollie walks into pawn shop with coat on, its akula agin, thats, what, you, want, needed, said, hollie, smiled, that was fleas, laughing, and, Jesus laughs with her, but, she will have to give an account, hollie showed, ship, its r.m.s. titanic, thats many hollies busting, ship busting is dangerous,

    the Holy Ghost inside bob hickman like body perfect size coming in,

    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 11-1-2010-bob, said, hollie, thats, partial face hollie, appearing, hollie, had, bob, sit down, go, slow, she, said, shes, its, so young, hollie said, hollie showed, its bob, she, said, go, home, and, eat, like, all white angel hollie showed, and, I, stamp, said, hollie, its, pope, she, said, like, angel of light running out, hollie pulled up sleeves like hidden hollie, its just arms, she said, appeared, rest like dull blue hollie, dim, Jesus rubbed chin, hard to, make out, thats new, its, ministry of dreams, said, hollie, page, like missile shaped ministryofdreams, its beep, hollie said, theres, writing on, showed, i'm the beep, said, new ministry of dreams page, hollie showed, its, return, she, said, showed, eat,

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