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bob hickman

God came inside me like body my perfect size

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the spirit of God has entered into my body, like a body. my same size
bob hickman
Jesus spoke and does this and its worse then this and God told me I was perfect-Jesus speaks this: and I saw Jesus in visions talking and he does this: 1-19-2011-I persecute saith the Lord, to make servants loose their salvation be manifold temptations, for I squeeze their dicks, with like electrical hand, and desease their gums, and cause their facial muscles to tightening when using face causing wrinkling and bleeding, and I desease bodies and, give dreams where they choke and wake up with heart attack pain, they see me in visions laughing at them, its for I terrify, and I cause pain in the heart by betraying and lying to them, and I myself make my servants fall by the wayside by terrifying them, and I will do it to all that come to me saith God, for I hate, and my hate will destroy you, dont beleive it, dont come, but if you do, its for I maime and did it to all my children in the bible, and go ahead and tell, for I will kill you all day long saith God, if you fast, then fast untill death, for like JOB I put boils on face and ruin your appearance, and try all day and night to make you backslided, then I tell others you fell away, and laugh at you, saith the Holy Ghost, who I AM, Jesus, http://www.prophetic.beep.com