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bob hickman

God came inside me like body my perfect size

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the pentecostal charge, apostolic awareness
bob hickman
8-19-20-2010-its, said hollie, GOd said, hollie said, stand, its angel, said hollie, showed, its like uh white head hollie said, put it under, hollie said, and i stamp she said, its horses hollie said, its there hu hollie said, you make war, thats hu hintao, hollie said, you lure said boris yeltsin, thats hollie ridin the missile, its into over taiwan she said, burned Jesus said, thats hollie fighting hu hintao on his red horse with her light sword, its battle of washington state hollie said, with light swords, its repelled hollie said, thats another hollie flying out in her old airplane, bombs chinese ship, its repelled, hollie said, showed not another word, a he hollie posts on this phone, hollie said, thats its the facebook angel, hollie, like angelman, showed, its face hollie said, on one side she said, its deformed, theres like uh blotch, green, hollie said, and on its other theres uh little spec but it changes, its green hollie said, then blue she said, hollie played piano on titanic like uh dot head hollie, like uh angel, hollie said, with, God said, face like, like thing hollie said, put it under she said, like fingers coming out on both sides, golden and lighted, its hollie in the chinook, hollie said, bombs america, exploded, its thats nuclear n.a.t.o., hollie said exploding, and russia burned hollie said, its on the day of the Lord a he hollie said, put it under he said, showed cut it off, two hollies, one showed bathe hollie said, the other didnt do anything, france said Jesus, and he saw said casey, she wore uh white robe, france explode, and missiles left there, i'm the website, lets post, said, he hollie, showed, time, lets go, he walked out, bob, lets go to the mother, partial face hollie, said, thats, bob, walking, its, into, showed, hollie, full face, this time, Christ temple apostolic faith assemblies, its, church, first, hollie, said,