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bob hickman

God came inside me like body my perfect size

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hollie and other ministering spirits on 12-23-2009
bob hickman
I want russia, said, hollie, to, thats, and he saw, said, casey, thats, said, hollie, america, exploding, hollie showed, record, thats, hollie picking up her scott rs-1000 stereo receiver, that, was, submarine sorry, said, hollie, now, look, she, said, its akula agin, thats what you want, needed, said, hollie, russia, said, hollie, she, sprinkles, and, bear, arises, said, Jesus, devour, Jesus, said, I told, God, said, thats, russia, attacking, thats, hollie, showing, the globe, hollie, said, many countries exploding, hollie spins world, its all over that, hollie, said, its, hu hintao, and yellow, china, we want war, said, hintao, its, over, showed, hollie, spun world, taiwan, put it under, hollie, said, dont mess with us, said, hu hintao, hollie spins world, shows, go git something to eat, she, said, then, come back and post, this is uh warning, said, hollie, it wont change, hollie, said, its, she, said, looked around, its, killed all day long persecution, thats, Jesus with torturing, instrument, hollie, said, go, eat, walk, many submarines prowling oceans, brand new warnin, Jesus, said, showed, excercising face muscles, it helps, cause russia is the bear father, said, hollie, casey, points, its, pope, with, medvedev,
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