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bob hickman

God came inside me like body my perfect size

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tell visions from Jesus using ministering spirits like many hollie's
bob hickman
11-18-2009-its over taiwan, said, barack obama, said, hollie and, barack, they are, ready to, collapse, the u.s.a., sh, said, hollie, Lord how do i git on, said, cnn reporter, thats cnn news anchor man, telling, thats, taiwan, he showed, on, fire, its, thats, missile from, china, and, hollie, like bird, observes, they, want, war, said, hu hintao, money, said barack, gimme, no more said hu hintao, hes, just, politburo, they, tellem, said, Jesus, what do to, said hu hintao, pope, said, hollie, thats it, she said, anti, hes, thats geese licking, the prophet, hes, circling, we want you, come back here, said, geese, tomorrow, let me rule the world, said, putin, thats, putin, appearing, its, cause, im, the, beast, he, said, tell me, the, world is uh vampire, said, hollie, and, hollie, like, uh, cindy-vampire appears, shup, she said, hollie, sat on, the, mokse, she, said, its golden dome, on, top, thats, willie duncan, I know, he, said, no, said, happy Wilhelm Gustloff, ship, hollie, said, thats, the, m.s. Wilhelm Gustloff, its, showed, hollie super ship, double beater, said, hollie, bladder, copter, hollie in, jumps out on rope, america, below, exploded, thats, bear, arising, destroying n.a.t.o., hollie appears, and, many, nuclear fires, in, n.a.t.o. countries, thats rockets from them striking russia, hollie showed, that hollie, said, big nuclear explosion in russia, world shakes, that, said, hollie, pope rises, in, dark sky, this is uh warning, hollie, said, showed, dressed nice, thats, hollie, on, passenger, its, cruise, she, said, preaching, the, gospel, hollie, showed, record, thats, uhleem saleem, said, hollie, sandy wiped lips, its, soumb, she, said, hollie, showed, wait, pointed, showed, clean up, hollie showed, record, look hollie said, showed, lay down, that is the united states exploding, said, Jesus, fire erupting, from, center, thats, nuclear fires along both coasts, then, center, exploded, hollie blows out of fire, and, layed down, its, your, name, said, Jesus, hollie, showed, the, God spoke, claps, fought, ministry of dreams, thats, uh soothsayer jeremy taylor d.min, Lord ill take that said dr. jeremy taylor u.u., thats rev. jeremy taylor giving website to kathy taylor, both said, Jesus, steal ministry of dreams from christain like their leader, its rev. antonia vladimirova of dreams foundation, and, jean poole, and jenny donati and shirlee phelps dodge of paliban daily, and wesely pruden, hes editor of washington post, plus diana hughey and janetmck, and, aafke brouwer, and medula, hollie shows over 2000 steal the God spoke, hollie, said, ministry of dreams, Lord I want to ruin, said, antonia vladimirova, all release ruint, when that, said, hollie, floor falls out, thats, person showing, its, reverend jeremy taylor s.t.d. visions, I didnt take it said doctor rev. jeremy taylor, lies, tease him said Jesus, thats student at wisdom university holding up sign, its, dr. rev. jeremy taylor steals from christian, its on the net, when people see, alright said kathy taylor, she removes ministry of dreams, thats, said, hollie, that o red and black chariot with the pope and hintao, pulled by angry, black and red horses, as it passes by, putin is seen inside, then, hintao, theres lula, and, chavez, plus, kim jong, and, castrol, theres, presidents of mexico, and nicaragua, lets rule the world, said, putin, vladimir, come here, said, medvedev, thats nuclear explosion, in, its china, theres russia exploding, plus fire in south korea, thats missile leaving russia with ministry of dreams website on, thats north korea exploding, thats, hollie, with, blue eyes, words dont match lips, git out, she, said, hollie, showed, eat, again, this is website, lets post, said, hollie, and, I, showed, you, uh stick, she, said, stamp, hollie, said, thats hu hintao riding red horse, thats, hollie on missile, taiwan burned, uto, said, Jesus, what was that, said, hollie, kicked, france with nuclear fireballs, and, missiles leaving their submarines striking russia, thats white hand pointing, nuclear fires in russia, and thats great britain exploding, and captain, hollie, in four british submarines, fire, russia burns, thats italy, said, hollie, and, Jesus, exploding, and, beast appearing, thats, the, seat of the beast, said, hollie, thats, one nuclear rocket leaving italy, thats several fires in russia, thats australia exploding, and rockets leaving their striking russia, world shakes, and, pope, said, hollie, appears, happy, thats submarines, all around america, thats explosion in california, hollie laughs, watching cnn, this is news break, said, anchor man, laughed, its hollie like cnn news anchor man, then both coasts explode, then hollie appears, its beater, agin, said, hollie, thats, what, you needed, want, said, hollie, with, hollie lowered on rope, thats, nuclear explosion in canada, then whole american center exploded, bye said, hollie, like silhouette, thats hollie like silhouette face, then face starts appearing, wavy, eyes, both, this is vision, lets post, said, hollie, you did not want me, said, hollie, playing music, no, said, hollie, showed, away, but, shook, yes, then, showed, thru, hollie showed lay down, eyes opened, but dozed off, hollie claps, leave me alone, said, hollie, leave me alone, said, hollie, sun smiles, bobby, not, uh word, said, moon, in heart, shrugged, that, was, geese circling, said, hollie, and linus appears in middle, bobby, he said, showed, down, with fin, hollie, said, dont, hollie, tore up, put back, with, hands, red, silhouette face, eyes, hollie with Jesus inside, shows, record, and, I, showed, you, that, she, said, pope, hollie, said, rose,