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bob hickman

God came inside me like body my perfect size

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visions of new ministering spirit, its ship m.v. Wilhelm Gustloff
bob hickman
11-17-2009-hollie showed, link up, hollie, laughs, that, she, said, its, world prophecy center, website, hollie shows, that, its, the, new ministry of dreams website, that, said, hollie, thats hands changing the old ministry of dreams website into, that, said, hollie, prophecy ministry, website, and, that, said, hollie, its, end time prophetic ministry, website, appearing, that, said, hollie, I showed, you eat, hollie put down, tape recorder, with, her image on, take it, said, pontiff, that, said, hollie, showed, update, with, hard, flash drive, what did I say that for, hollie, showed, people readin the sinking of the m.v. Wilhelm Gustloff ship, that, hollie showed, its hitlers super ship, that, said, hollie, its for that, she, said, casey watches, the, r.m.s. britannic strike mine, lets avenge this, said, russian submariner, thats submarine, happy, torpedo leaves, thats three explosions, that, said, hollie, along side of the, that, said, hollie, m.s. Wilhelm Gustloff, it rolls, that, said, hollie, sinks, thats hollie on bottom, its that, she, said, looks at hole, shows, its as big as a tire, on, hollie rubs chin, that, she, said, semi tractor trailer, that, hollie said, was pontiff riding black horse, its, into, that, said, hollie, russia, said, pope, exploded, hollie watches, torpedo strikes ship, explodes, and, shoots like bullet into ship, second explosion, thats pontiff, its, to, gain control, he, said, signs, uh deal, said, medvedev, thats 666 appearing, thats, two horned, beast, with, hu hintao and japan, coming out of horns, hollie rolls up sleeves, shows, come on, its, war, and, he, saw, said, casey, nuclear explosion in china, thats, chinese army invading russia, thats, hundreds of nuclear rockets striking russia, from, n.a.t.o., and missiles leaving russia, hollie showed, that, she, said, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries on fire, scene explodes, thats china invading russia, and, thats nuclear fires in both lands, thats pope telling medvedev, lets drive them outta there, that, said, hollie, its, pope, japan, and hu hintao, at table, that, said, hollie, 666, being born, its, peace, treaty, hollie showed, hands, Wilhelm Gustloff said, JEsus, that, said, hollie, im the Wilhelm Gustloff, ship said, let me sink, thats Wilhelm Gustloff floating carrying way to many passengers, thats Wilhelm Gustloff laughing, its, thats bear licking prophet, out, screamed, hollie, and, hollie, shows, popes image, on, t.v., take, it, said, pontiff, your, mark, thats, 666, tattood, on, forehead, popes face tattood on arm, thats, popes face, tattood on finger, what did my pope, say, said, hollie, the, mark beast, submarines are right, there, bobby, said, hollie, now look, she, said, its, akula hollie, said, thats, what, you, needed, hollie, showed, turn, thats, submarines, all, around, america, that, said, hollie, one, fires, thats, nuclear explosion in california, hollie laughs, watching on cnn, that, said, hollie, then, all, fire, thats, both, american coasts exploding, that, said, hollie, its, copter, its, the, double bladed kind, said, hollie, thats, hollie lowred on rope, happy, the center of america, exploded, thats nuclear explosion, in, its canada said, hollie, first, its, the, Wilhelm Gustloff, showed, hollie, that, hollie, said, sinking, thats, inside, russian submarine, thats, missiles, taking off, that, said, hollie, showed, nuclear n.a.t.o. nations exploding, that, said, hollie, showed, its, a, 1970 boss 302 mustang with drag pack, thats it, smoking tires, put out almost 400 torque, hollie showed, thats horsepower, hollie showed, 1918, its cadillac, hollie said, cars never needed to be better, they got up to 22 miles per gallon with little four cylinder engine, that, said, hollie, hollie closes hood, that, said, hollie, its, hollie, like, silhouette, that, hollie, said, another hollie like silhouette, eyes, wavy, then, face, appears, then, silhouette, hollie claps, that, said, hollie, showed, power meters on stereo receivers, they work, hollie showed, they, are, unaccurate, thumbs down, hollie built ship, there, she, showed, less then two seconds, by her self, hollie bows, hollie screamed, again, there, said, Jesus, hollie like vampire, smiled, thats, the alome, said, hollie, leave it alone, she, said, showed, ministry of dreams, claps, shows, Jesus, speaking, call it, he, said, Ministry Of Dreams, thats Jesus, appearing, thats geese circling, bobby, we want you, come back here tomorrow, showed, with fin, its, showed, hollie goose, glendale, circled, thats sun laughing, smoke rising, thats, Jesus, looking down, sees, thick gross darkness and fire coming from, its nuclear n.a.t.o. g8 attack, said, God, thats many countries burning, sun laughs, moon, shows, not uh word, thats sun laughing, playing, moon, acting serious, but, smiling, in, heart, then, laughed, moon claps, shows, ministry of dreams, it, spoken by Him, moon, said, God appears, steal it, said, Jesus, and, ill ruin you, you got somebody lookin, bobby, said, its, sun, moon behind, its jenifer, jenny donati, said, sun, shes, uh witch, said, showed, moon, but shows, not uh word, button lips, hollie shows, sh, fght, dot, org, then laughs, thats ram appearing, and, putin and, hintao coming out of horns, obamas, there, said, hollie, what does he want, she, said, obama is wanting china to become, he wanting control of china, said, Jesus, hu hintao shows no way, what does hu want, said, hollie, war, said, president hintao, hollie talks about the Wilhelm Gustloff, its, bobs new favorite vision, thats ship with face, I like it, said, Wilhelm Gustloff, thats Wilhelm Gustloff showing, who killed karin, right there, said, ship, its husband, thats husband wanting sex, but karin wants divorce, thats Wilhelm Gustloff showing, karin strom, shes, stangled, thats karin strom in the lake of fire, I knew, she said, thats the m.s. Wilhelm Gustloff, its, clapped, hollie, there, on, bottom of, its, sea, rusting, dont worship ships, hollie laughs in the fire, licks prophet, had like fire face, that, said, hollie, showed, barack obama rushing hu hintao off stage, that, hollie, said, its, for, taiwan, that, hollie, said, barack grunts, we want it, leaves, hollie showed, record, thats, hollie, riding, missile, hu hintao on red horse, clicked hoof, taiwan burns, barack walks with hintao, dont he, said, thats captain hollie, surfacing, its akula again, thats what you want, hollie, said, hand, shows, white, nuclear fires in china, thats bear rising, many nuclear fires in america, thats, captain hollie, its akula again, thats what you need said, hollie, thats many nuclear fires in russia, thats rockets leaving russia, and, captain hollie in, submarine, they, exchange, said, hollie, n.a.t.o. and russia, thats, fires erupting, you didnt want it, said, hollie, the Wilhelm Gustloff, said, adolf hitler, ship, said, hollie, we knew hitler said, thats bob preaching on cruise ship, we like it said, captain, that, said, the Wilhelm Gustloff, im, uh big ship, it, said, showed, hilter, im, his, Wilhelm Gustloff, said, grecia, said, Jesus, and, he saw, said, casey, no that was hollie, said, hollie, pope, appearing,
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